Giving back

Giving back is a cornerstone of our company culture, and we proudly support many charitable and humanitarian organizations with pro-bono or reduced-cost services.

If you represent a volunteer-run non-profit organization providing free and secular services to the underprivileged, please contact us so we so we can determine the best way to support your organization - whether this is solution design, professional hosting, software customizations, technical support or training for your staff.

Cividesk has directly supported the following organizations (and more) as part of this program:



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We also support the following organizations through financial donations and/or volunteering:



and many others ... Loans

  • Cocotech
    Country: Colombia
    Total loan: $ 32000
    Loan use: to transform 1,500 tons of coconut shells into jobs and income for rural communities in Colombia.
  • Visible Clothing
    Country: India
    Total loan: $ 35000
    Loan use: workers in India get jobs that provide fair wages, healthcare, support for school fees, and on-site nursery care.
  • Ecozoom East Africa
    Country: Kenya
    Total loan: $ 50000
    Loan use: to provide life-changing clean cookstoves to rural Kenyans, decreasing cooking costs and improving public health.
  • Daisy
    Country: Philippines
    Total loan: $ 200
    Loan use: to buy steel, hollow blocks, cement, tile, and GI sheets.
  • Mammy Fatu's Farmers Group
    Country: Sierra Leone
    Total loan: $ 2350
    Loan use: to pay for improved seeds, organic inputs and tractor rental which will allow these farmers to escape subsistence by farming a larger area with a higher yield.
  • Hafeth
    Country: Palestine
    Total loan: $ 2000
    Loan use: to buy more poultry, feed and medicines for his poultry farm.
  • Miriam
    Country: Uganda
    Total loan: $ 1375
    Loan use: to invest in stock for the bar.
  • Antonia
    Country: Guatemala
    Total loan: $ 1500
    Loan use: to buy traditional clothes like blouses, belts, and skirts.
  • Abahirwa Cb Group
    Country: Rwanda
    Total loan: $ 6425
    Loan use: to buy more hair lotion for sale.
  • Mchikichini Group
    Country: Tanzania
    Total loan: $ 1725
    Loan use: to buy some missing items such as nail colors, manicure and pedicure machines and to decorate her salon to attract more customers.