A la Carte Services

All these services are designed, operated and maintained by our experienced team


Custom Development

Our CiviCRM development team is available for your customization and development needs.
Our development processes follow industry best practices including:
All the developments are first done on a development site before being deployed on your production site.
Every piece of code deployed on production is version-controlled.
All our custom developments are maintained and supported as part of the service plan.



Before implementing a solution in CiviCRM to manage a process/workflow that is not already configured in your current CiviCRM instance, we start with a consulting session.
Consulting includes discussion with your users to understand your organization’s needs, investigation to find the best technical solution, tests, and presentation of the solution before implementation. The solution is then implemented by Cividesk (configuration and custom development if needed) or by your users depending on the complexity of the configuration.



We configure CiviCRM according to your specific needs and workflows.It can include configuration of any entities and data objects but also configuration of modules that are not yet utilized and/or CiviCRM Contributed extension.
Before doing a custom development, we always explore the possibility to use an existing contributed CiviCRM extension that brings the required additional features. If it is the case, we test the extension of our development site and if the extension works as expected, we install and configure the extension of your production site.


End-Users Training

As your team changes and grows, your users would need to be trained on CiviCRM.
We provide live and interactive instruction on a variety of CiviCRM functionalities and offer classes for all levels of experience.
We have developped a curriculum for beginners and one for more advanced users.
Our 2-hour private training sessions complement each other and provide a complete training curriculum on using CiviCRM in your organization.The most important CiviCRM modules and features are covered in full depth and ample time is allocated to answer your questions.


Data Migration

CiviCRM has specific tools for importing data such as contacts, contributions, memberships and event participants.
But importing data requires considerable attention and care, in particular on an existing database, to avoid duplicates and overwitten existing data. This is a task that you might like to delegate to us.
Also, the CiviCRM importing tools have some limitations that might require the development of a custom import script.
Our data migration process includes data cleansing and transformation, data mapping, development of the customized import script and data upload.


Website Integration

The integration of CiviCRM in your website allows displaying content from CiviCRM on the front-end pages of your website in your website theme.
These public pages include a donation page, event registration, subscription to your mailing lists, membership sign-up and more.
Your website can also be enhanced with additional functionalities that will benefit your visitors such as a member portal, volunteer portal, class registration portal, membership online directory, an event calendar and more.