A dedicated CiviCRM administrator
for your organization

A experienced CiviCRM expert works alongside your team a fixed number of hours per month. 
You improve your operations and your CRM investment with a better use of your data, by taking full advantage of the functionalities  and by exploring unique ways of managing your processes


Database Administration

  • Membership enrollment/retention
  • Members engagement
  • Create emailing campaigns with Mosaico
  • Create Mosaico templates
  • Maintain and clean up mailing lists
  • Import new lists
  • Generate informational and analytical reports such as growth trends
  • Configure registration pages
  • Manage price sets and discount codes
  • Create emailing and configure reminders
  • Add event page on website
  • Prepare participants list and name tags
  • Update participant status after the event
  • Generate informational and analytical reports
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Donor management
  • Pledge management
  • Build informational and analytical reports
  • Content management
  • User management
  • System management
  • Web Analytics


We perform audits of your configuration to identify unused or underutilized features or incorrect configuration.

We configure or reconfigure CiviCRM entities, new objects and modules. Modules can be CiviCRM core modules or community extensions.

We build CiviCRM reports for your users using CiviCRM templates.


Data Management

  • Analyze validity of your existing data
  • Comprehensive review of your data
  • Data quality control
  • Fix incorrect, incomplete, duplicate data
  • Contacts deduplication
  • Completion of missing data
  • Organize and group data based on shared characteristics
  • Normalize your data