Service Plan

A monthly plan that supports all of your CiviCRM needs


CiviCRM & Website Hosting

Our hosting environment is specifically optimized for CiviCRM in terms of availability, security, performance, and scalability. Our hosting service is available on shared servers and on dedicated servers with dedicated ressources allocated to your organization.
Our infrastructure is designed to very quickly scale either vertically or horizontally to answer seasonal website traffic peaks and backups of CiviCRM and of your website are performed daily. You can also benefit of a development site if needed.


CiviCRM & CMS Upgrades

Your website needs regular maintenance to perform as it should and to stay reliable, secured, and compatible with CiviCRM.
We perform ongoing maintenance of your website with the installation of security and code updates of your CMS modules or plugins without you having to ask.
We also install CiviCRM security updates when they become available and new versions of CiviCRM. This service guarantees your platform stays reliable and secure.


Unlimited Customer Support

We provide unlimited technical support to your users with no limitation in the number of tickets you can open or time we spent. Our support team has been working with CiviCRM for many years and is available via phone, email and via our ticketing system accessible directly in CiviCRM.
You can open a new ticket, update an existing ticket or browse closed tickets.
We do share screen sessions with your users and Instead of long written explanations, we very often include a short video in the ticket.


Email Service

Sending emails with CiviCRM requires the use of an external delivery email service to manage your online reputation and avoid blacklisting.
Such a professional email service provides a robust email delivery infrastructure for increased deliverability rates, reputation monitoring, and advanced tracking and statistical tools. We configure your account with this service provider including configuration of the SPF, DKIM, DMARC records and return channels for processing bounces and unsubscribe requests.



We are commited to your success.
We stay in regular contact with your users to discuss any changes in configuration or any additional work that might be needed to maximize your CRM potential. We spend the time to know your organization, we create long-term relationships and become an extension of your team.
At any time, you can schedule a meeting with your us so we can help you with putting together a plan to meet your goals, identifying problems, and recommending tailored solutions.


Video Tutorials

We strongly believe your users are more efficient in using CiviCRM daily if they have access to training and tutorials.
Continued education is offered to your users through our video tutorials where we provide instruction on a variety of CiviCRM functionalities. These tutorials are available directly from your CiviCRM instance.