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Our services


CiviCRM Implementation

We install, configure and personalize CiviCRM for your organization. We start with a full assessment of your operations and workflows, then we proceed with the implementation of CiviCRM standalone or integrated with your website.


Professional Hosting

Our hosting service is fully managed, cloud-based in your region, optimized to bring maximum availability and performance. We perform security updates and upgrade tasks so your CiviCRM and website stay reliable and secure.


End-User Support

Our responsive and knowledgeable team is available when you need it. We answer usage questions, provide assistance with technical issues you might encounter while using CiviCRM, and share new functionalities and best-practices.


Custom Development

CiviCRM can be extended to meet your specific needs such as adding a new feature, tweaking a behavior, changing how data is displayed, integrating CiviCRM with another system, developing management dashboards and more.


Database Administration

We dedicate a CiviCRM administrator to your organization a fixed number of hours per month. You benefit of a CiviCRM expert who works alongside your team and take care of your database administration, data management and configuration.


Training and Mentoring

We start with a personalized training plan tailored to your organization's needs. Then your mentor, like your personal trainer, is continuously helping you achieve more by providing strategic guidance and deep expertise on CiviCRM.

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As a subscription

Our on-going services are included in a monthly service plan


A la carte

We offer à la carte services to meet your specific needs

Our clients

About Us

Virginie Ganivet

Virginie manages Cividesk's daily operations including client services and business strategies.

With her experience working in the IT sector, and then managing a nonprofit, Virginie has a unique understanding of the needs of non-profit organizations.

Nicolas Ganivet

Nicolas manages Cividesk’s technology strategy, infrastructure and the technical team.

He brings a wealth of experience in building service-based solutions internationally, as well as leading emerging technology development.

Yashodha Chaku

Yashodha leads our development projects and is our liaison with the CiviCRM Core Team.

She is one of the most prolific CiviCRM contributors since more than 10 years, and has seen CiviCRM grow from its nascent stage.

12+ years serving nonprofits

Cividesk was founded on the premise that CiviCRM users need on-going services to fully realize CiviCRM's potential.

12,000+ support tickets

We are fully committed to your users and eager to assist them with their support needs.

2,500+ code contributions

We are proud supporters of the CiviCRM community, and we actively contribute to the project.

8+ languages

We are honored to serve all types of nonprofits in the US, Canada and Europe using CiviCRM in their local language.

500+ users trained

We believe that training your users is essential to make the most of your investment in CiviCRM.

100+ CiviCRM extensions

Developing CiviCRM extensions brings additional functionalities tailored to the needs of our clients.